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About Us

Asre Ertebatat – Panasonic Dealership

About Us


Asre Ertebatat has begun with the aim of improving the communication facilities of various institutions.
Now, after years of scientific and practical experience at various centers, it is ready to provide advice and cooperation on the import of all types of Panasonic protective systems (CCTV, video monitoring system, desktop wallpapers, fax drum cartridges, central telephones, accessories Panasonic consumer electronics and accessories.
See the product section for more information.The company with modern management and relying on the technical and experienced staff in the field of sales of the central, Panasonic fax, wireless phone as well as the following fields:

  • Consultancy and design of the Panasonic telephone center and VoIP system
  • Sales Pbx , panasonic fax, cordless telephone, central phone and internet telephony
  • Sales of pbx installation equipment (rack types, cruiser terminal terminal, cruise terminal, various types of telephone cables (terrestrial and aerial), fiber optic cables and various types of network cables)
  • Providing active and passive VoIP system equipment
  • Maintenance services as well as telephone support, Panasonic fax, wireless phone as soon as possible and low cost in all parts of the country.

Whether in the world today, it’s impossible to imagine a second without electricity, telephones and other communication devices. It was a tool for comfort, but now it is a means to advance science. Our collection intends to be useful in the field of communications.